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General support & other Inquires: 704-769-5481

Mental Health Support: IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING A MEDICAL/PSYCHIATRIC EMERGENCY PLEASE DIAL 911. If you need to access FREE and CONFIDENTIAL mental health support in response to the events leading up to the Charlotte Uprising OR you think someone you know can benefit from speaking with someone, please complete this form. All information obtained is completely confidential and is monitored by a Licensed Professional. All available clinicians are volunteering their time and will try to accommodate needs as they arise. Support is available in person and virtually (video conferencing, telephone.) A mental health clinician will contact you following your request. Go to Mental Health Support Form ›

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Sign the petition and tell the Department of Justice, Charlotte City Council, Governor Pat McCrory and CMPD police Chief Kerr Putney, and all other police departments and all levels of government that we will not stay on the sidelines as the assault on Black lives continues.


Charlotte Uprising is a coalition of community members, local and state organizers committed to ensuring the safety of their communities, and advocating for police accountability, transparency and social and economic equity.